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  • Philosophy
  • Goals and Objetives
  • Management Team


We always believe in maintaining air of activeness at all times for our clients. It is not just a PROMISE but our COMMITMENT to our clients.

Goals and Objectives

  • To identify the needs and inquiries of the customers and able to offer specific solutions to suit customer requirement.

  • To offer the most competitive prices to the market.

  • To maintain the high-quality personalized service that will engender clients' loyalty and satisfaction.

  • To develop mutual and long-term partnership with our clientele and overseas affiliates.


This team believes that experience, modern know-how, connections and motivation are of great importance for the success of ACTIVAIR. The positive development of ACTIVAIR over the past years is essentially the product of everyone's commitment, personalized service and hard work.

Our firm's shareholders are actively engaged in the management of business.

Our personnel however, is the nucleus of Activair. They are the actual force that brings the quality of services to our clients and the traits which discern our team are their knowledge, practice and will to innovate.

We have highly motivated, professionally qualified team of Management and staff members all hand picked and trained to achieve the company goals, objectives in line with the company mission. They are round the clock ready to give our clients and associates complete and efficient services.

The team members / staff get the continuous update, trends and developments of the industry through training, trade workshops, conferences to further enhance their expertise, skills and knowledge.

The Management Team

Arnel M. Pacheco


Licensed Customs Broker

Ma. Leny P. Noceda

Corporate Secretary

Licensed Customs Broker

Ma. Jocelyn P. Ajoc

Corporate Treasurer

Licensed Customs Broker